Self adhesive waterproofing method in Singapore

Benefits of self-adhesive over normal liquid waterproofing

Self-adhesive method works on any surface

The groundbreaking sealing system known as Sealing Solutions uses elastic foam technology. Without the need of extra liquid sealing material, the self-adhesive sealing membrane adheres to wall and floor surfaces. The top side provides the best foundation surface for every kind of tile adhesive since it is fleece-coated with an anti-bacterial film. Sealing products are the best way to waterproof shower walls.

Preferred by professionals

The majority of moisture-related problems are caused by improperly installed wall-to-floor transfers, drainage systems, and liquid-sealed sealing membranes. The proprietary Sealing Solutions SAM sealing system uses fleece-free impact bonding to prevent moisture damage. The non-woven zones prevent moisture from moving through capillaries and provide complete watertightness. Sealing Solutions is accredited by ANSI 18110 and ab (P). The technique was created using more than ten years of expertise in the sanitary business, and tilers and skilled installers all around the world favour it.

  • More unique advantages
  • Quicker installation (Shorter drying time / saves 2 hours)
  • Appropriate for many construction chemicals
  • No more liquid sealing is required.
  • Direct, quick processing
  • 100% waterproof guaranteed
  • A high degree of material flexibility reduces cracking.
  • Immediately strong adhesive force(20 ton / m²)